Stefan Corda, a new name on the market offering a painting service and new designs in both figures and bases.  More on this after I have tried out their wares!


Tom Taylor's site.  Formerly 'WOODENTOP' and now trading as 'PELDROED BORTH', this site not only includes table soccer goods supplied by Tom but also serves as the major news source in the British game.  Look out for the new 'Anchorman' cricket set - just like the old Subbuteo Table Cricket but in brass! 
Tom's postal service is superb, normally operating on a 'return of post' basis.
Accepts on-line ordering and credit cards.


Based in Calgary, Canada, this supplier generally carries a large and varied stock.  Some of the teams and sets are dispatched from the UK.
Orders despatched normally by return.  Fast email response to all queries.
Accepts on-line ordering and credit cards.


The Italian connection.  This site usually contains an amazing amount of TS goods.  The site has been down but has recently re-appeared.  They do not accept credit cards or on-line ordering.  This is fine if you are in the Euro-zone and can send a cheque but not so convenient for those of us without the dubious benefits of that currency.


A site that offers new items (including the latest Italian Subbuteo teams) together with second hand classic items from the 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's.  Subbuteoworld also offers 1970 reproduction boxes.  Accepts credit cards but not online ordering.

Associations, Clubs, etc.


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